A Polish funeral home has taken a somewhat unorthodox approach to promote itself, by releasing a nude calendar.

We’re not talking a cheeky hint of butt cheek, undertaker services Lindner is talking full-blown nudity… complete with caskets.

Because nothing says sombre occasion than seeing Ms July, laying across a casket smoking a dart with her norks out, right?

Then you notice the bloke in the corner of the shot, taking a naked selfie on his phone.

Then you have the confusing scene of February, which shows another woman, with a phone in the middle of her spread legs while sitting in an open casket.  


Thing is, this isn’t the first time Lindner have come out with the racy calendar, oh no no no, they’ve been releasing them for 10 years.

The company said of the calendar:

“The Lindner Calendar is 10 years old now! ​​For a decade, it has become our hallmark to combine opposites: ​​beautiful, naked body of man with the perfect matter of exclusive coffins.

“Eros with Tanatos. ​​The new calendar is a mystery: will you be able to decipher what works of art inspired us when creating the Lindner Calendar 2019?”

We haven’t deciphered anything.