NSW MP Fred Nile has let words fly over hostages receiving bravery awards from the Sydney Siege at the Lindt Cafe on December 16.

Speaking on Seven’s Sunrise this morning, Nile believes that the people who died in the cafe, Katrina Dawson and Tori Johnson were deserving of bravery awards, not the men who escaped during the hostage situation “Usually men try to protect the women but it looks like the men were trying to protect their own skins… Where were the men?… The only man really there was the man with the gun.”

Earlier in the week he was quoted as saying “Normally bravery awards are given for an act of bravery — that somebody actually does something. They haven’t done anything”.

PM Abbott has requested the to the Governor General Sir Peter Cosgrave to push for bravery awards for those involved in the Sydney Siege.