Former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher’s Melbourne concert was forced to come to an abrupt end last night after a noise curfew came into effect during a song.

The gig, taking place at Margaret Court Arena, was forced to end bang on 11 PM.

Gallagher has tweeted this morning to his 3.5 million followers, saying he would have faced $250,000 fine if he played after the 11pm curfew.

“250 thousand dollar fine if we played over the curfew last night,” the tweet said.

“I mean those tunes are biblical and I’m the f—ing biblical brother but c’mon that’s a f—ing p— take who ever (sic) made that rule needs to stop smoking SPICE.”

Gallagher also posted after the show last night saying “Well that was a load of w— getting cut off last song we weren’t that bad.”


“I’ve heard worse any ways thems the rules you still smashed it Melbourne biblical stay young stay safe LG x.”

We are sure it won’t be the end of this..

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