Former Married At First Sight star, Clare Verrall, has slammed the shows producers for using manipulative psychological tactics during filming.

in a new documentary by filmmaker Gena Lisa, titled Creating a Monster, Clare has claimed that the producers matched her with Jono Pitman despite knowing they were incompatible.

‘I am someone who is very controlling, I know that about myself. I’m also very bossy, I know that about myself. And ironically I’m a know-it-all, which I know about myself,’ the Melbourne property manager laughed.

‘And they [the producers] see those traits and they know that those traits are not going to match up well with the person that they’ve matched you with,’ 

She went on to say ‘’They’re like, ‘villain- she’s going to be controlling, she’s going to be bossy, he’s going to rail against it.’

‘The show is more manipulated than fabricated.’

She listed the tactics the produces allegedly used including ‘They ask you, ‘What car do you want? What flowers do you want?’ All these things and then they give you the exact opposite to try to upset you and make you freak out.’


One of the most famous of Clare’s scenes was when she snapped at Jono during a canoeing trip.

While viewers saw Clare berating Jono for not enjoying himself, Clare has different viewpoint on the moment, saying ‘’I was getting heatstroke, it was 45 degrees!’ she explained. 

The couple broke up two weeks into the experiment.

Married at First Sight returns to Channel 9 later this month.

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