The Foreign Minister was today asked about revelations in Senate Estimates yesterday that Governor-General Peter Cosgrove wanted a $2000 Thermomix for his kitchen along with a suite of other expensive kitchen appliances.

Labor Senator Joe Ludwig pressed the Governor-General’s secretary about the expensive Thermomix and seemed perplexed about what the particular appliance was.

“What is a Thermomix, anyway,” the Senator asked.

Today Ms Bishop was questioned about the kitchen appliance during an interview on the Today show.

“Julie Bishop do you know what a Thermomix is. Two-grand is a lot of money for an appliance,” she was asked by Today show host Karl Stefanovic.

“I’m going to answer in emoji,” Ms Bishop replied.

The Foreign Minister then proceeded to mimic the shocked emoji face, followed by laughter.


“That’s why you rock Julie Bishop,” Stefanovic quipped.

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