What’s the first thing that pops into your head when we say the word ‘Easter’?

For most, it would be chocolate, right? 
Well, if it is, then we’ve got some delicious news for you!

Ferrero Rocher is unleashing its brand spankin’ new Easter chocolate to the world, and is celebrating in the best possible way – giveaways. 

And, what better place to commemorate the incredible work chocolate (specifically Ferrero Rocher) does in our world than in good ol’ Melbourne!

If you’re in the vicinity of Westfield Doncaster on Wednesday, April 17 between 9am-5:30pm, then make your way towards the three-metre-tall golden hazelnut tree (it’s 100% legit). 

Once you discover the tree – which won’t be hard – you’ll be able to nab a free taste of the new chocolate, as well as a swing on the golden swing. 


The relevance of the tree, you ask? Basically, the sweet treat is called the ‘Golden Squirrel’ and unsurprisingly it’s squirrel-shaped, and squirrel’s climb trees. Get it?

Anyway, the new sweet treat is made entirely from Ferrero Rocher’s delicious blend of milk chocolate and hazelnut so it’s bound to be impeccable. 

So, pick up a free choccie squirrel, have a spin on the oversized swing and take photos of the gold picket fence!

We don’t know about you, but we’re craving a whole box of Ferrero Rocher now.

See you there!

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