A fight broke out at a child’s fourth birthday party in Sydney’s West over the weekend, leaving three men in hospital and children traumatised by the event.

The fight was sparked at Lollipops Playland Cafe in Wetherill Park, after a seven-year-old girl allegedly had her hair pulled by a grown man in a dispute over play equipment. 

The child’s uncle said when he tried to speak to the man about the hair-pulling, he was immediately set upon.

The 32-year-old man who was bashed told the Daily Telegraph that the attackers were “animals”.

“They were egging each other on. They were animals, just pigs. It’s unbelievable, I’m speechless. In a kid’s playground, you should be protecting children from ¬violence, not promoting it,” he said.

“My kids were screaming, there were kids everywhere. They are traumatised.

“I was just saying to myself ‘get off the floor, if these guys knock me out, I’m going to be dead here’.”


The seven-year-old girl called triple-0, but the attackers fled in their cars.

Detectives are investigating the crime.

You can watch the full video on Channel 9 here.

Photos: Channel 9

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