Elton John’s new memoir, Me, should be re-titled as The Gift That Keeps On Giving.

Just a day after we learned about the Queen’s own discipline techniques, we’re now finding out that Elton rewrote John Lennon’s classic, Imagine.

Now, while you wouldn’t think that Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono were into extravagant shopping trips, John says theirs was as bad as his.

“Out shopping one day I realised I might have exhausted the possibilities of retail therapy when I found myself buying a cuckoo clock that, instead of a cuckoo, had a large wooden penis that popped in and out of it every hour,” he recalled.

“I gave it to John Lennon when I went to visit him. I thought it was a good present for a man who had everything. John and Yoko were as bad as me when it came to shopping.”

John then revealed that it was Lennon’s string of properties that inspired a reworking the iconic song.

“The various apartments they owned in the Dakota [a residential building in New York] were so full of priceless artworks, antiques and clothes that I once sent them a card, rewriting the lyrics to Imagine:


Imagine six apartments, it isn’t hard to do, one is full of fur coats, another’s full of shoes.”


LOL, classic Elton.


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