Johnny Depp’s Yorkshire terriers Pistol and Boo are getting ready to jump on a private jet in a bid to save the pooches’ lives.

The US actor and star of Pirates of the Caribbean is facing a large fine over the breach of Australia’s strict quarantine laws, while the fate of his dogs remains unclear.

Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce said Depp had decided to “step around our nation’s laws”.

He said that was inexcusable for anyone, especially when brining animals from a place like the United States, which had diseases no longer existing in Australia, including rabies.

“You broke our nation’s laws – get the dogs out of our nation and do it straight away and don’t take it as a joke,” Mr Joyce told ABC radio, adding that an investigation was underway into the matter.

The animals landed in Brisbane on the superstar’s private jet last month when Depp returned to the set of the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie on the Gold Coast.

He failed to declare the canines to customs.


Mr Joyce says not even Depp, twice named the sexiest man alive, is immune to the country’s customs laws, so Pistol and Boo must “bugger off” back home.

However, he said on Friday that he was concerned the dogs may now be refused entry back into the US and face a precarious future.

The Department of Agriculture says Pistol and Boo will be euthanased if they’re not exported.

Under Australia’s strict laws, dogs must be stored in a quarantine facility for at least 10 days after arriving in Australia to prevent conditions such as rabies and parasites coming into the country, and be accompanied by a valid import permit.

The department is reviewing how the dogs were brought in without a permit.