A man named, Muharrem is deaf and was the focus of an elaborate stunt, where he was secretly filmed during a day out in Istanbul. 

It turns out his neighbourhood had learned sign language just for him to promote a heartwarming message ‘A world without barriers is our dream’.

Throughout the day he encountered strangers in a series of staged meetings. Very quickly, Muharrem is taken aback when he comes across a stranger who signs ‘good morning to him.’ 

Soon after a woman bumps into him accidentally and signs “Sorry, my mistake.” 

The shock eventually becomes very clear on his face when a taxi driver welcomes him into the car with sign language.

Finally he stumbles across an electronic advertising board which communicates with him, sharing the communities heartwarming message, ‘because a world without barriers is our dream as well.’

A friend finally points out the hidden cameras and he is told about the stunt which took them a month to prepare. The whole thing was organised by Samsung to promote its call centre for the hearing impaired. 


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