Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has shared a message for Victorians enduring their fourth COVID lockdown in little over a year.

Mr Andrews took to Facebook to share the message, urging people off work, away from school or with the kids at home to “keep fighting”.

“Just because we’ve had to do this before, doesn’t mean it’s easy to do again. Some of us will be tired. Some stressed. Some sick to the back teeth of this pandemic. Maybe a mix of all three,” Mr Andrews wrote in post on his Facebook page.

“But please know that every individual effort you made today, and everything you’ll do tomorrow and every day after will save lives.”

The Premier has been away from work since March when a fall on some wet stairs at a holiday rental left him incapacitated with a fractured verterbrae and broken ribs.

Deputy Premier James Merlino has been in charge since then with Mr Andrews initially expected to make a return to the leadership come June.


Mr Andrews concluded his post with a hint about when Victorians are likely to see him back, saying that he will still have to get the all-clear from his medical team.

“I have more scans and a meeting with my medical team next week. I’ll let you know how that goes and exactly when I’ll be back on deck later this month. See you soon.”

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