Imagine walking towards your car one evening and bumping into a freaky clown clutching a bunch of black balloons.

Safe to say you’d absolutely crap yourself.

Well people in Green Bay, Wisconsin, have been reporting sightings of exactly that.

A creepy clown holding balloons wandering through their streets in the dead of night.

The first sighting took place at around 2am on the morning of the 1st of August.

The clown was dressed in a terrifying jumpsuit, a filthy collar around it’s neck and massive clown shoes on it’s feet.


The clown is wearing black and white makeup and carrying a bunch of black balloons.

A Facebook page has been set up as a place for people to post sightings of the clown, and one commentator has been gone as far to say it could all be for a movie.

Whatever the reason, we know for SURE we won’t be visiting Wisconsin any time soon.

Nope nope nope.

Source Daily Mail

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