Imagine being in your house, feeling safe as you lay on your sofa, watching your television with your loved one, feeling at peace.

Then imagine looking back knowing that you while you felt that serene, someone was standing just a few metres away, watching you sleep.

That was the reality for one couple, Jack Mackercher and his girlfriend Jordan Buranskas, who woke up on Monday morning to find Buranska’s purse was missing from their home.

“We actually got into a little bit of an argument about it,” she told WLS-TV Chicago. “He thought I left it at the restaurant the night before.”


In attempt to get some answers about where she’d set it down, the couple looked back over their security tape, but discovered something a little more sinister.

Rewinding back to 3:30 a.m. Monday, Mackercher and Buranskas spotted a man in a white hoodie standing at the top of the staircase.

He hovered above the couple, who had fallen asleep while watching Netflix on the couch below, for about five minutes before walking away and then returning again to hover for another five minutes.

When you watch the video from WLS-TV Chicago below, you’ll spot the intruder in the upper right corner of the screen.

The bizarre thing is that the intruder didn’t even wake the couple’s two dogs after entering through the unlocked balcony door.

“Every other night we would have been in bed and kept it locked,” Mackercher said. “You leave the door unlocked one time, and this is what happens.”


Mackercher and Buranskas told WGN TV that they’re increasing security within their home, and local detectives are already investigating the case.

Source: Cosmopolitan

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