Unfortunately they are now a dying breed, but once upon a time almost every suburb used to have it’s own local milk bar.

Kid’s would love to go there as a treat and would spend ages deciding what lollies would make it into their mixed bag.

This was where you could get a choo-choo bar, violet crumble or maybe some redskins and then wash it all down with a milkshake or can of passiona.

And it was also where your parents would buy their smokes and the morning paper, and if your milkbar was a bit posh, go for lunch and have a toasted sandwich with one of those trendy cappuccinos! 

While the popularity of milk bars has waned over the years, there are still some classic old businesses still hanging in there, and a host of retro themed milk bars have sprung up to appeal to those that remember the thrill of spending their pocket money on some tasty treats.

Take a look at the gallery above and check out some classic commercials featuring faves we used to buy from the local milk bar back in the day.



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