Between 1977 and 1983 CHiPS was a hugely popular TV show following the adventures of two Californian motorbike cops (California Highway Patrol)

The two leads, Erik Estrada as “Ponch” and Larry Wilcox as Jon, would encounter various dramas including frequent pile ups on the highway and dealing with ‘punks’ breaking into cars.

The guys had winning smiles and hairstyles, and the opening credits to the show had THE most 70’s sounding theme music ever!

Now, after the recent success of films like 21 Jump Street and Starsky and Hutch where Hollywood has rebooted retro cop shows and updated them by adding more comedy to the plot, CHiPS has now had a make over!


Check out the new trailer here:

The update starring Michael Peña as ‘Ponch’ and Dax Shepard as Jon, is in US cinemas on March 24 and we can’t wait to see it here in Australia!

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