Even Christie Brinkley’s youngest daughter is impressed with how much she looks like her famous mum – but that doesn’t mean she’s happy about it. 

Sailor, who recently bagged a modeling contract for herself, was all over Brinkley’s Instagram account this week as the two hit New York City.

And, standing side-by-side in matching outfits, it really wasn’t too tricky to spot the family resemblance. 

Brinkley Moving Company! We Get the job done! 🚚 #offtocollege #latergram

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We’re not even talking sisters here; these two could pass for twins.

But it sounds like 18-year-old Sailor is 100 per cent done with the constant comparisons.


The soon-to-be uni student took to Twitter last month to let everyone know that she’d be using Instagram’s brand new comment filter feature to cut down on what sounds like a pretty familiar sentiment.

Christie, 62 – yes, 62 – was helping her youngest daughter, whose father is Brinkley’s fourth husband, Peter Cook, move into her new college digs before school starts this week.

Sailor revealed in April that she would be attending Parsons School of Design this September, and seemed pretty pumped to be one step closer to her first day.

And her mum didn’t seem too bother at having all of her babies fly the nest.


Seriously, HOW is this woman 62?!

If anyone’s looking for the Fountain of Youth, we’re betting Christie Brinkley has it tapped through her house.