Christian truly poured his heart and soul into his book “No One Listens To Your Dad’s Show”, which is out now.

It’s about Christian’s journey from being the number one radio show In London, to uprooting his whole life and moving to Australia with his family.

But as Christian revealed on his show, there was more to his decision than the opportunity to experience a brand new life overseas.

Christian says he has never discussed his reasoning behind the big move as he felt ashamed to do so.

“Sometimes when we have something tough in our life we feel shame, and it keeps you in a very small place,” he said.

Revealing that he wasn’t in a good place at the time of his arrival in Australia, Christian has used his new book to tell his story so “if there was anyone feeling like that, they didn’t need to feel alone”.

Take a listen to Christian’s emotional message below:


No One Listens To Your Dad’s Show is out today, you can get your copy here.

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