If you switched over to Channel Nine today expecting to watch The Ellen DeGeneres Show then you would’ve been shocked to find another show airing instead.

Channel Nine will no longer be screening Ellen’s self-isolation talkshow episodes. Instead, the station is screening episodes of Kevin Can Wait starring Kevin James.

The news comes after DeGeneres was slammed for likening her self-isolation days to being in prison, despite living in a $27 million mansion and having a net worth of $US490 million.

“This is like being in jail is what it is,” DeGeneres joked. “Mostly because I’ve been wearing the same clothes for 10 days and everyone in here is gay!”

While this most definitely does not mark the end of Ellen on Channel Nine, we predict we’ll have to wait a few months until the talkshow host comes out of isolation for new episodes to air on the network.


You can check out snippets of Ellen’s self-isolation show on her YouTube channel.


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