Australian singer and reality show star Casey Donovan has opened up in an emotional interview about a six year manipulation, masterminded by her former best friend, that deeply affected her personal life.

Back in 2014, the Australian Idol winner revealed that she had been “catfished” by her friend Olga after she fell in love with a man that Olga had created named ‘Campbell’.

Speaking about the incident with Andrew Denton on his Interview program last night, Donovan detailed the elaborate plan that Olga put in place to coerce Casey into having sex with her.

“I think by that time I was just willing to do anything to see him,” Casey revealed.

Casey said that she was willing to do anything to meet ‘Campbell’ and so when this person asked her to have sex with her friend Olga and tell him about it afterwards, she agreed to go ahead with it.


The 30-year-old admitted that this was her first sexual encounter.

“My intuition was saying, ‘This isn’t right, don’t be a d**khead’. But I’d put so much time in this that he had to be real,” Donovan explained.

“The sexual encounter with Olga… [Campbell] was like, ‘Do that, then we’ll all get together and do that together’.

“But um… it was a seed. It was planted… We were in her room and then [Olga] just kind of tried it on and I was like, ‘Oh, this is happening’ and then, ‘Oh, that happened’.”

Casey revealed that the experience really affected her mentally and “stuffed with my head”.

“There were so many things happening, I didn’t know which way was up,” she revealed.


When asked why she thought someone she considered to be a best friend would do something like this, Casey said she often wondered if Olga had been confused about her own sexual desire.

“I don’t know if she was a closeted lesbian that didn’t understand her sexuality so she tried to make other people feel like they had to do that,” she said.

Later in the interview Casey revealed that she doesn’t have any contact with Olga but has found it within herself to forgive her.

“I think I have forgiven her – there’s some anger there definitely but I had to let it go to move forwards,” she admitted.


Casey was just 16 at the time that her relationship with the fictional ‘Campbell’ began in 2005 and she had just won Australian Idol.

She said that she received phone calls from ‘Campbell’ as well as photographs of him without a shirt on, showing off his chiseled physique.

Her family knew about the relationship but Casey lied to them and told them that she had physically met her so-called suitor.

“I was creating this big ball of lies until one day I was like, ‘There’s something not right’, Casey said.


Casey revealed that it was her manager Jason who finally intervened and found out the truth.

“We [Jason and Casey] went and picked her up and were driving to Campbell’s house,” she explained.

“We were driving and Jacon was asking all these questions and [Olga] just sat in the back of the car in silence.

“It took every bit of my strength to not reach over in that car and just snap carrots, basically.”

Casey previously opened up about the six-year ordeal with Kyle and Jackie O back in 2014. You can listen to this interview in the video above.