Carrie Bickmore is currently enjoying her third weekend of holidays with her children, but it hasn’t gone with a glitch.. that needed fixing.

The TV presenter took to Instagram on Thursday and posted a hilarious image of foiled window, saying ‘’The lengths you go to as a parent.’

It is clear that Bickmore’s kids have been waking up when the sun rises, which is too early. So to avoid that happening, she has placed alfoil on the window for her son Oliver, 9 and daughter Evie, 1.

However, it didn’t go according to plan with Bickmore saying ‘Alfoil on the windows (unfortunately I ran out on the last window, so we still had 5 am wake ups!).’

Bickmore made light of the situation saying it was ‘not a drug lab’.

Her followers came back quick saying they do similar things, with one saying Some suggested block out blinds or shutters as alternatives to using the shiny household kitchen item.


Other concerned users also voiced their opinion: ‘Must have made the room warm’, ‘Don’t make it into a incubator in the heat’ and ‘Wtf carrie….that will make the room so hot…havnt u (sic) heard of just putting an old dooner (sic) up like really….wow@!!’

Carrie is set to return to the Project next week.