The two most expensive guitars ever sold at auction were Bob Dylan’s Fender Stratocaster from his first electric show in 1965 at the Newport Folk Festival ($965,000 in December 2013) and Eric Clapton’s Strat, nicknamed Blackie, which brought $959,000 in 2004. But those records have been broken by a guitar associated with Bryan Adams.

In 2005, just after the Tsunami hit southeast Asia, he started the Bryan Adams Foundation, and to get things rolling he asked as many of his musician colleagues to sign a white Stratocaster, which brought in $150,000. The owner then put it up for auction and it sold for a whopping $2,700,000, with the money going to the Reach out to Asia foundation.

As for the autographs, it features signatures from Eric Clapton, ‪Mick Jagger, ‪Keith Richards, ‪Brian May, ‪Jimmy Page, ‪David Gilmour, ‪Jeff Beck, ‪Pete Townshend, ‪Mark Knopfler, ‪Ray Davies, Ronnie Wood, ‪Tony Iommi, ‪Angus Young, Malcolm Young, ‪Paul McCartney, ‪Sting, ‪members of Def Leppard, Liam Gallagher and ‪ Ritchie Blackmore.


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