Bryan Adams has been working on the music for an upcoming Broadway production of Pretty Woman, based on the 1990 movie by director Garry Marshall, who passed away Tuesday at age 81.

Earlier this week, before he learned of Marshall’s death, Adams told Billboard that Garry was a “sweetheart… You wouldn’t believe it. He wasn’t at the original audition that we did, but he was very much a part of this. Just brilliant to work with.” He has since commented on his death, saying, “Rest in peace, Garry Marshall. It was a privilege to work with you.”

Despite his credentials, Adams and his songwriting partner Jim Vallance had to audition for the producers of the musical. “It was one of those classic scenarios where, ‘OK, you guys need to leave the room so we can talk about you, and we’ll call you, don’t call us.’ And then half an hour later I got a call.”

Since January, they have written roughly 14 of the 20 to 22 songs needed for the show, with a deadline set for December.

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