For Freddo’s 90th birthday, Cadbury has launched these ‘themed’ Freddos that are stuffed with candies in his belly!

There’s an underwater Freddo stuffed with dolphin shaped lollies and a space Freddo busting with star shaped candies.

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Hello, what do we have here? Freddo bringing out a hollow confection with untold goodies inside? A competitor for the kinder surprise and Yowie?! I will admit I was skeptical as to the very vague mention of ‘candy’ inside. What does that mean? What should I expect?! Do I already know and love this candy? Spoiler alert: No. No I don’t. Undressing this little guy, I will admit I was disappointed about how small it was. For the price you’d expect more, but I digress. There’s the normal Cadbury freddo we all know and love. I bit his head off, (similarly to Easter bunnies actually), peer inside and…it looks like small pieces of confetti. I peer closer and…yep, it appears as though these are small hard candies in the shape of…marine life? Very not what I expected. Chuck a bunch (read: almost all) of them in my mouth to find they kind of taste like, well…nothing. Right at the end there’s some vague sweet flavour but I feel like I just ingested a bunch of chemicals. It was the type of disappointment where you sit and ponder how you got to this point in your life. Chocolate was still good though? 0.93/5 happy dances. It only got that high because of the chocolate. #freddo #chocolate #freddofrog #snacks #delicious #snackblogger #instafoodie #foodblogger #foodblog #new #snackreview #review #foodreview #foodreviewer #snacklife #australiansnack

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Cadbury is planning to announce future themed froggies very soon!

Until then, the stuffed Freddos are available at most confectionary aisles in our local grocery stores for $2.50!