A seven-year-old boy who grew his hair for two years to help cancer patients has tragically been diagnosed with cancer himself. 

Vinny Desautels made headlines around the world when he selflessly decided to grow his hair so that he could cut and then donate it to ‘wigs for kids with cancer’. 

He was teased for having such long hair in the process, but managed to successfully grow it to 13 inches. 

Then, in the cruelest possible twist of fate, Vinny and his family found out that he had stage four cancer. 

Doctors found growths around Vinny’s hip, cheek and right eye, but are still trying to figure out exactly what kind of cancer the seven-year-old is suffering from. 

Speaking to Fox 40, Jason, Vinny’s dad, said “It is stage four aggressive cancer. Basically, what they found is that he has a significant growth on his hip and in the bone around the eye and behind the nose on the cheek on the right side.” 


We wish this strong little boy all the best with his fight. 

You can help Vinny with his fight against cancer and lessen the cost for his parents of his medical bills here

Lad Bible / Daily Mail

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