When all the kids are doing online learning, it’s pretty easy for them to get distracted by their surroundings. I mean, they’d much rather be chilling out than doing their maths equations any day of the week.

One five-year-old has managed to pull off a hilarious stunt on his mum by creating a set of photos that made her think he was doing his schoolwork when in fact, he was doing nothing at all!

Parenting blogger Laura Mazza said she had left her son Luca to do his work unsupervised as she had a “mountain of work to do” but put him on FaceTime so she could watch over him and be available for questions.

“He was pretty quiet, but I could hear the lesson going on, so I didn’t feel very worried,” she said in a Facebook post.

“I wanted him to feel trusted… but I did worry, so I’d quickly pick up my phone and have a peek and it looked like he was listening.”

Later, she went on to say that when she went to offer her son a break, she noticed the image of her son on FaceTime was very still and the picture may have been frozen. When she asked him, there was no response. She went to go check and realised he was playing with his toys. It seemed innocent… and then she saw a set up of two iPads put together.

“The little sh*t put up a fake picture so it would look like he was sitting there, listening!


“When I confronted him while trying to hold back laughter-tears, he said, ‘Yeah but I didn’t just do one picture, I wanted to show you ALL my listening faces’

“Then he looked at me dead in the eye and quoted something his dad and I say too many times to him. He said, ‘You gotta admit, I’m pretty clever’, Yes you are son. WAY TOO CLEVER. Scammed by a five-year-old. I’m dead.”

This is brilliant stuff! We’re sure many parents are dealing with similar issues and tricks!


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