When it was announced that Bono had been earmarked for a “Glamour Women Of The Year Award” many scoffed.

And the irony was not lost on the music legend himself.

So when given the opportunity to speak at the awards ceremony, he made light of the situation by sharing some of his favourite tweets and internet commentary he had read about the nomination.

“This is, well, it is a bit ridiculous. And I know how ridiculous it is for me to be on this stage accepting this award,” Bono said.

“But if I didn’t know how ridiculous it was, I did have the blessed internet to remind me.


‘Out of all the women alive, Bono is my favourite. It’s just so inspiring how she overcame the adversity of being a millionaire white dude.’, or ‘It’s so important that our daughters understand that they can grow up to be Bono.’

“And this is actually my favourite, but it really hurts: ‘Sure, Glamour named Bono woman of the year, but in their defence, the transition lenses do make him look like a 75-year-old lady from Miami’.”

What followed, however, is what’s most important.

Bono continued to make an impassioned plea about sexism – especially in areas of poverty – and how deep the problem runs.


In his words, “it’s hard to unwind a few millennia in a few decades”.

Through his charity work with “ONE”, the 56-year-old has introduced a “Poverty Is Sexist” campaign.

The campaign hones in on the disparity between men and women and their access to education and work and subsequently the opportunity to exit the cycle of poverty.

He also spoke strongly about the need for men to champion equality and to help break down gender barriers alongside women.

To finish, Bono reflected on some wise words spoken by his now wife from when they were first dating – how appropriate that the awards ceremony marked the 40th anniversary of their first date.


“I asked my wife, Ali, tonight on receiving this award what I should say,” Bono said.

“And she just repeated what she’s been telling me since we were teenagers, which is, ‘Don’t look down at me, but don’t look up at me either. Look across to me. I’m here.'”

While he may not be a traditional nominee for a Women Of The Year Award, his charity work and dedication to breaking down barriers certainly has us agreeing with his name being raised. 

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