Australians may be fond of self-serve checkout machines, but Rodney Orrock, chief executive of Best & Less, certainly isn’t. 

Rodney Orrock, said he doesn’t believe in the idea of letting customers check out their own purchases. 

‘I think that there’s things that retailers should be doing and there’s things that customers don’t necessarily need to do,’ he told the Sydney Morning Herald

‘If I go into a Woolworths to do grocery shopping … if there’s somebody available to do my checkout, I’ll go there, right, because I think they’ll do it faster and quicker and I don’t have to concentrate,’ he said. 

Mr Orrock said supermarkets, like Coles and Woolworths, had led the way on self-service checkouts, but that didn’t mean other retailers ought to follow suit.

According to the Mail, a study from last year found that while 66 per cent of shoppers find self-service checkout machines easy to use, nearly one in 10 admitted to stealing items by deliberately avoiding to scan them.

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Source: Daily Mail

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