Bali Nine member Andrew Chan, who is waiting in limbo to find out the date of his execution is engaged. 

Andrew Chan reportedly proposed to his girlfriend, Febyanti, in February while she visited him in Kerobokan Prison and she accepted. She has since been wearing a solitaire engagement ring. 

The couple met two years ago through mutual friends, Feby (as she is known) is an Indonesian Pastor like Chan and had been visiting the jail to help the prisoners. 

The pair bonded over their shared faith and by early 2014 a friendship turned into a relationship. 


Feby has been quoted saying, “I have never seen him as just a prisoner or someone who is on death row.”

“I love him for who he is. And I see what he does for other people and that makes me love him more.”

This news comes after Chan’s family was finally allowed to visit him for the first time since he was transferred to the execution island. Feby will also be allowed to visit Chan soon.  

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