With Guns N’ Roses reunited and a gig fronting AC/DC, Axl Rose is having himself a pretty good year. However, the internet still exists, which means unflattering images of the musician are still floating around, some of which have been used for the “Fat Axl” meme.

It doesn’t look like Rose is too happy about that, as he’s reportedly issued takedown notices for several of those images.


According to the Lumen Database, which compiles legal complaints regarding the removal of online materials, Rose claimed copyright infringement on four images. Although Lumen notes that they cannot publish an example image as “no permission has been granted” to do so, most of the URLs of the alleged infringing images include the words “Fat Axl” or “Faxl.”

As he’s battling the trolls of the internet, Rose is currently touring Europe with AC/DC. Later this month, he’ll join Guns N’ Roses for their Not in This Lifetime reunion tour.