Residents across Australia are being warned of a deadly funnel-web spider plague.

Warmer weather across New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and South Australia has meant the male venomous spiders have started to venture out of their burrows in search of a mate.

Wollongbar man Tom Story told the Daily Mail that he found a funnel-web ‘visiting’ his pool for the second time and Australian Natural Pyrethrins have sent out a warning to parents saying the spiders can survive underwater for 24-30 hours.

‘Don’t assume that a spider on the pool bottom has drowned,’ a post on its Facebook page read.

‘Funnel-web spiders can’t swim but they can trap small air bubbles on hairs around the abdomen’.  

Symptoms of a funnel website bite include having

Copious secretion of saliva
Sharp pain at bite site
Muscular twitching
Nausea/ vomiting 
Hairs stand on end
Mouth numbness
Fast pulse
Increased blood pressure


A total of 45 people were treated for suspect funnel-web bites in 2016. It is thought that Australia has 40 different species of the creature.

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