Sally Stent has lived out a nightmare. 

The Brisbane woman awoke to a snake LICKING HER FACE. 

She felt a sensation onn her forehead at about 7am a couple of weeks ago, and asshe was still half-asleep, swatted it away.

When she fully came-to, she realised she had a two-metre python wrapped around her bedside table hovering over her. 

“I opened my eyes and the snake was a couple of centimeters from my face looking at me,” she said.

“It was 5-10cm from my face. I had to focus my eyeballs to see it. It was right in there,

“It wasn’t scary, it was shocking. I was like, that’s not meant to be there!”\


She bolted out of her room and called a snake catcher who sorted it out.

They called a snake catcher who removed the unwelcome visitor.

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