She may have rose to fame playing a princess in The Princess Diaries 1 and 2, but now Anne Hathaway has taken some true royal advice. 

The actor has opened up about how she took an interesting parenting tip from the royals and incorporated it into her own day to day life. 

Hathaway heard about the tip from Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge about how they parent George, Charlotte and Louis. 

“They get down on the child’s level and speak to them eye to eye to make them feel empowered,” Anne told the Sunday Times. 

“I thought that was really cool, I started doing that with Jonathan.”

We’re not sure if it’s in the generalised royal training because both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been seen to do the same when interacting with children on royal tour. 


It’s a tip that many parents can be seen doing, and to be honest, we really like it.

It’s simple but makes absolute sense. 

At least until you have to lean over or squat for the fifth time in five minutes… Then it’s just a good workout. 

Anne is mother to one son, Jonathan, who is almost two years old, with husband Adam Shulman. 

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