It’s the TV moment that was never supposed to be seen by anyone, but thanks to someone with an urge to share, everyone knows about Amber Sherlock and THAT jacket incident.

Basically, the clip shows Channel 9 Presenter Amber Sherlock in a line-up with fellow colleague Julie Snook and a psychologist, prepping for their segment, Chatroom.

All three ladies are wearing white, and this becomes an obvious issue for Amber, who spends the next few minutes berating her colleague Julie for failing to put on a jacket as she asked, “two and a half hours ago.”

Since the footage went public, it’s gone viral, with even American comedian Jimmy Kimmel picking it up and dubbing it the potential ‘clip of the year.’


“I don’t know who decided to release this tape but whoever that was I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart,” Kimmel said, as he played the tape for his millions of viewers.

Many people have shown support for Snook and shamed Sherlock for her treatment of her colleague, which resulted in her closing down her social media accounts.

Now, Sherlock has bravely returned to TV screens on Sunday evening, presenting the weather for the week ahead.

Sherlock wisely avoided the colour herself as she presented the weather on Nine’s 6pm bulletin, eschewing white and instead opting for a red dress. Since the ordeal, Sherlock has admitted she “overreacted”, while Snook admits the pair are good friends.

It is understood that Sherlock was summoned on Friday for a meeting with bosses at the Nine Network to explain her on-camera outburst.


Somehow, we don’t think we’ve heard the last of this…


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