A woman has posted on Facebook about the moment an Aldi cashier refused to sell a mother a bottle of gin because her son had touched it.

Jennifer Marie, from Shoalhaven in New South Wales, said the boy had picked up the bottle of spirits, so it didn’t fall over on the conveyor belt.

‘Her son was with her, who looked about 15 and he picked the bottle up to move it to the front of the shopping, I assume so it wouldn’t fall over,’ Ms Marie posted to a local Facebook group.

‘The cashier turned to the other cashier and spoke with her. She then turned back to the lady waiting with the shopping and told her she could not purchase the gin as her son had picked it up and moved it and as he was under 18.’  

Ms Marie went on to say that a man in a separate lane had the same experience, with the cashier ‘confiscating’ two bottles of alcohol after his daughters touched them.

According to the cashier, there are ‘’apparent new rules’ that enforce children under the age of 18 were not allowed to touch alcohol, which has been described as ‘mad’.

The post attracted many comments, some supporting the cashier, others standing by the law, some thinking it was stupid.


‘The law is the law and why should shops lose their licenses because it doesn’t suit some people,’ one man said.

The Aldi website states that they ‘’support the responsible service of alcohol’, adding that ‘it is illegal to purchase alcohol for people under 18.’ 

An Aldi spokesman told news.com.au they an adult could be refused the service of an alcohol ‘if a minor has handled alcohol that could be potentially purchased by an adult for the minor’s consumption.’

‘This also extends to a minor accompanying an adult purchasing alcohol, even if the minor has not physically touched an alcoholic product,’ the spokesman added. 

Any businesses not complying with the law could attract a fine of $11,000.

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