Oh Aldi, you really are full of kooky surprises.

Among the list of Special Buys this Saturday, August 3, is, of all things… a skeleton.

I mean, why not.

While it’s a bit early for Halloween, ol’ mate here is actually more of an educational tool than something to spook the neighbourhood kids with.

At 85cm, the skello is more fun-sized than real-sized, but weighs almost 2kg, so it’s a solid piece, so you’re not going to turn into a skeleton carrying it home.

One thing’s for sure, social media are having a field day over it:


“Hmmm what do I need from Aldi? Milk, bread, skeletons… Darn it! I forgot the milk and bread!” one commenter said.

“…milk, check…potatoes, check…bread, check… Dang! I nearly forgot the skeleton… Aldi is so random,” said another.

“I didn’t even know I needed a skeleton but turns out I do!”

“Darn that middle aisle… go in for milk and veggies, come home with a skeleton”

“This was a customer waiting for another checkout to open”

“That awkward moment when you pop into Aldi for some Camembert & Halloumi Fries and walk out with a garden hose, a clarinet and a skeleton”


“I am waiting for the bulk sale of nuclear reactors from Aldi”

The model comes with a display stand and shows main arteries and peripheral nerves and has moveable joints.

But, get this: it has a removable skull and brain. Aww yeah.

Educational or not, this thing next to an uplight in the window? Halloween sorted.

The Human Skeleton Model is $59.99

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