If you asked me what my idea of hell looks like, I’d tell you it was a an underwater cage in the middle of shark-infested waters.

It could have a bed, but it would probably also have a huge man-eater staring at me in the face when I opened my eyes.

Well, that’s precisely what Airbnb are selling, people.

Yep, their latest listing is for an underwater bed in a Parisian aquarium. The weird thing?

They had a competition to WIN a stay there.


I feel it’s more of a punishment, personally, but apparently there ARE people out there who would enjoy having huge, treacherous sharks circling them as they snoozed.

The competition offered three “lucky” winners and their guests the change to spend the night the Aquarium de Paris.

They’ll snooze in a suspended circular room inside the tank, meaning they’ll literally be circled by 35 sharks all night long…

The Airbnb host is freediver and underwater photographer Fred Buyle.


He’ll introduce the guests to their neighbours for the night, take them on a tour – and even get into the tank to ‘dance’ with the sharks.

Maybe this competition means there’ll be more like it, or maybe they’ll start pimping out the room for a fee, either way, you’ll NEVER catch me there, I’ve seen ‘Deep Blue Sea’…

Source: Concrete Playground

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