Celebrity chef Manu Feildel has announced he will be severing his contract with Seven at the end of the month when it expires after 11 years of loyalty.

In an interview with Sydney Morning Herald, Feildel revealed what his thought process was, “I’m at a time of my life now where I’m at the crossroad. Either TV is going to stop and I’m going to keep on going with the businesses that I’ve had or television is going to change its course. I’m at peace with whatever happens to me.”

After 11 seasons of My Kitchen Rules, it’s no wonder the man wants a little change of scenery!

The show and its hosts are a big reason behind Seven’s rise to the top of the ratings a little while ago.

The one we do not speak of (Pete Evans) left the network in 2020 after his very, very … very controversial year and Fieldel was shifted to Plate of Origin with ex-Masterchef judges Matt Preston and Gary Mehigan but the show was a flop.

Talking to SMH, Feildel reveals he wants to start creating travel/cooking content, maybe he’ll be Australia’s Bordain!

“That’s the type of TV I want to do … There are smaller production companies not necessarily attached to the network that approached me for a few different ideas.”


Here’s hoping he sticks to his guns because we love hearing his gorgeous French accent travel the world and give a platform to different cultures’ cuisines.

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