Adam Lambert loves the fact that Bruce Springsteen took a stance against a North Carolina law that critics have deemed to be anti-LGBT.

Springsteen and the E Street Band cancelled an April 10 show in Greensboro in protest over the legislation, which was signed into law last month by Governor Patrick McCrory and mandates that people must use bathrooms that match the sex that’s indicated on their birth certificates.

Adam, who is openly gay, tells NME, “I’m not here to say what is wrong or right. I understand why [Springsteen] would do it, especially if you are an artist with that kind of clout and legacy. It’s a great way to send a message of support or rejection to legislation. It is too bad that those [laws] are happening right now.”

He adds, “I think it’s pretty bada** that [Springsteen and the E Street Band] cancelled their shows.”

Governor McCrory signed an executive order Tuesday that he said “clarifies” the law and also “provides new protections for North Carolina residents.” The order states, among other things, the private sector can “establish its own restroom and locker room policies” and “non-discrimination employment policies for its own employees.”

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