It’s already been an intense season of The Bachelor so far and it’s about to get even more so.

On Wednesday night’s episode, history will be made, with the rose ceremony being stopped.

In the preview for the show, Matty J is seen visibly brooding before he puts one of his flowers down and walks out.

The preview voiceover says ‘All Matty wants is to fall in love but this is the episode that will push him over the edge.’

The next scene is of Matt happily jumping off a platform hand-in-hand with a blonde in a tandem bungee hump.

The blonde remains anonymous — but looks a lot like Simone, Tara or Leah — but that doesn’t matter as the mood turns sombre.

Next, Matty says: ‘I’ve had to make a really difficult decision’ to someone in a one-on-one. 


A voice is then heard saying ‘something isn’t right here’ before Matty walks in and Simone says  ‘Matty doesn’t look like his normal self.’

Matty is seen looking distraught and one of the Bachelorette’s says ‘he’s taking a quite some time between the last rose and this rose.’

Then, surprisingly, the bachelor is seen taking a deep breath before he places the rose back down. 

The promotion ends by saying ‘What will happen to make Matty stop the rose ceremony?’

The Bachelor airs tonight on Channel Ten at 7:30PM.

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