Denise Fergus, the mother of James Bulger, believes her son’s killers are targeting her now they are out of prison after 23 years.

The horrifying crime shocked the world when the little boy was abducted, tortured and murdered by Jon Venables and Robert Thompson, who were ten at the time.

The pair were jailed but were granted release with whole new identities by the British government in 2001.

In an interview with Channel 5 in the UK, Denise and her husband Stuart have revealed they have been left ‘paranoid’ by internet trolls.

Denise said: “I sometimes think, ‘Is it a member of their family or could it be them? Because they could easily get in touch with me.

“They’ve been told not to … but what’s to stop them writing to me on social media and pretending to be somebody else?

“It’s scary, and the thought often goes through my mind it could be one of them.”


Her husband Stuart said they people have been setting up online accounts pretending to be the killers and bombard them with ‘nasty comments.’

The family are calling for Twitter and Facebook to crack down on online abuse and think it’s time they ‘’made it a priority.’’

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