They may have presented The Voice together but that has not stopped Darren McMullen slamming his former co-host Sonia Kruger over her comments about migration.

McMullen spoke to The Sunday Telegraph saying ‘Let’s be honest, all us white folk are visitors in (Australia) and came off the boat at some stage for a better life,

He added: ‘I find it a bit hilarious when people who invaded a country centuries ago and claimed it as their own then start trying to close up the borders and keep everyone out.’

The Scottish-born actor said that he saw Sonia’s call to ban Muslims from immigrating as ‘sad’ and misinformed.

‘As soon as you start segregating people and saying ‘well, you have no right to call this place your home, this is my patch of land because my parents happened to have sex here, and I happened to have been born here, that I have more rights to live in this country than you …’ it’s absolutely absurd, utterly absurd,’ he said.

Last month, Kruger called for a nationwide ban on immigration as a solution for global terrorism, in the wake of terror attacks in France.


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