Most Aussies are pretty content with the simple stuff, but let’s face it, we all love to enjoy the finer things in life.

Coles has listened to this silent call and they are delivering it to us, one boujee store at a time.

Across Australia, the supermarket chain has started to open new stores called ‘Coles Local’. Although they are targetted at millennials, they will pretty much please anyone with their ridiculously cool features.

For example, at the Glenferrie store in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, there is a freshly-squeezed orange juice machine, dog treat bar, fresh pasta bar and a dessert stand complete with gelato macarons and Japanese mochi!

You can even make a coffee, pick your own candy and SLICE YOUR OWN BREAD!!

@mmercedesmcleanLiterally the most boujee Coles I have ever seen. ##foryou ##fyp ##foryoupage ##coles ##melbourne ##australia♬ original sound – mmercedesmclean



Sydney’s Rose Bay got their own Coles Local on Wednesday which features a dog treat bar for all the canines who live nearby. It also has a ridiculous amount of vegan and vegetarian products, and 500 convenience products for every meal of the day.

Assuming these stores continue to be successful, we imagine they’ll pop up across the country and in more locations across our cities. Gelato is worthy at any point of the year!

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