We’re like, so totally buggin’ over the news that classic 90s film Clueless is getting a television style reboot!

According to E! News, the new hour-long TV adaption will be created by CBS TV studios and will be based around Cher’s bestie from the film, Dionne.

According to Deadline, the Clueless TV show will be “Mean Girls meets Riverdale’.” So in other words, it will be focused on modern day teens.

Written by Jordan Readout and Gus Hickey, the show will be set in high school and will see queen bee Cher disappear and friend Dionne step in as the most popular girl in school.

The original producer of the film, Robert Lawrence, will join up with Corinne Brinkerhoff and Tiffany Grant to executive producer the show.

According to E! News, the Clueless TV series is in the development stage and hasn’t been given he official green light just yet, but a number of platforms are reportedly in talks to host the show such as The CW.

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