We’re giving away GOLD104.3’s Greatest Prize of all time
Everyone wants it but you can’t buy it
Well, now you can win it!
Think about it.

What do you never have TIME to do?

It could be TIME away with your partner, TIME to clean the bloody gutters
TIME with friends, TIME to clean the house, the car, the cupboards,
TIME to fix that thing that needs fixing
Those jobs that are unfinished, undone, half done, incomplete,
in the way, those things you push out of the way
All that stuff you put on the back burner till
you’ve got some spare cash from a nice little earner.

No time? No problem.
We’ve got all the time in the world.
And you can win it.
Just tell us that one thing that you, never get a chance to do below.
(TIP – be creative and have a bit of fun on your entry)

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