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Nigella Lawson’s Avocado Toast Recipe Has Outraged Everyone

Hey everyone, Nigella is baaaack!

But back to her former culinary glory? That much is yet to be determined.

The new series, called Simply Nigella, is probably a fitting name, given the content.

You see, Twitter is in meltdown after Nigella’s first episode featured her sharing one of her favourite ‘recipes’; avocado on toast.

"I'm fully aware that avocado toast isn't a recipe," said Lawson, "but it's part of the fabric of my life. "I'm ready to eat it no matter what the time of day."

Sure, she added some radishes and herbs to the mix, but people are outraged that they wasted time watching a show that instructed them on how to spread avocado on toast…

The fact that she tried to make it sound complex annoyed people too..

Source: Mashable

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