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WATCH Prince Kick Kim Kardashian Off The STAGE!

If you weren’t a big Prince fan before, you soon will be.

We see how many of you dislike the Kardashians, especially Kim, so I have no doubt you’ll take great pleasure in seeing the legend that is Prince (RIP) kicking her off his stage at a show at Madison Square Garden in 2011 after asking her up to dance.

As he started moving Kim stood still, frozen on the spot, so Prince swiftly told her to “get off the stage” and escorted her off before getting someone else up to boogey with him.

An excited Kim took to Twitter to gloat about the experience and then followed up with a tweet saying she got to ‘redeem herself’.

It seems he wasn’t just a legend, he was hilarious, too.

We’re crying purple tears for him today…

Rest in peace, Prince.

Source: Cosmopolitan

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