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Lisa Wilkinson’s Tweet To Kristin Davis After SUNRISE Skit

If you’ve been around for the last week, you’ll know that there’s been plenty of controversy surrounding Sam Armytage and the Sunrise Sex and the City skit they made Kristin Davis take part in.

Kristen was here to discuss her work with refugees and took to Twitter after her exclusive Sunrise appearance to say that she didn’t feel she was able to do that.

There has been much talk about how cringeworthy the Sex and the City skit was - and then a lot of name calling, particularly of Sam Armytage, who was relieved of her hosting duties at a UN event for Kristin Davis as a result of the drama.

Armytage was called names like ‘bimbo’ and ‘ditz’ by the media as a result of the skit, and hit back at the people who slammed her - especially women - taking the opportunity on the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning to say her piece.

She expressed her disappointment at the name calling and the lack of support, stating, "I'm not going to tolerate women attacking women anymore."

However, throughout all of the aftermath of the SATC skit, there was one tweet that managed to fly somewhat over the radar, and it was from none other than rival breakfast show host, Lisa Wilkinson.

Now, Lisa did not call Sam a name, she didn’t comment on the skit, she was all class - as Lisa always is.

However, what she did do, was congratulate Kristin Davis on her “wonderful work with refugees” and offered, “next time you’re in Oz, would love to have you on @TheTodayShow to talk about it.”


Is she implying that as Kristin was exclusively bound to Sunrise as her only television appearance, that by choosing to go with rival brekkie show, TODAY, next time she’ll actually get to talk about what she wants to talk about?

Kristin’s response didn’t help SUNRISE swallow the embarrassment.

Sam Armytage and Sunrise have received overwhelming support - and even though many agree the skit wasn’t the best, people are rallying to show their support, which you have to agree is awesome.

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