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Ali Elamine Reveals WHY He Took The Kids In The First Place

When you think of the custody battle between Ali Elamine and Sally Faulkner over their two adorable children, you start to wonder about why they were ever taken from their mother in the first place.

You think, ‘did he always plan to take them on a ‘holiday’ and keep them?’ or ‘did he just simply decide once they were with them that he couldn’t send them home’?

Well, during an exclusive chat with Ali Elamine this morning, Kyle and Jackie O found out.

“I saw a few things happening in regards to Sal's parenting and decided it was best for the kids to stay with me.”

When Jackie pressed him further, he revealed that his daughter had told him “Mummy’s friend keeps sleeping in the same bed as us” - and I didn't like it.

So it seems that Mr Elamine has brought to the table an option that I don’t think any Australian had thought of until now - maybe Mr Elamine didn’t think Ms Faulkner to be an adequate mother to his children.

He also asked how anyone could think he was a “bad father”; a label he has received through the reports thus far.

When Jackie asked him about what he told the kids about the ordeal. “I didn’t tell them anything about what really happened. I told the kids that mummy surprised them and that her friends were strong, I don't want them to know she was in jail.” “They think she flew in for one day and they’ll see her for lunch before she goes and I’ll tell them she flew in for the day again.”

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