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The Callers That Will Give Jo & Lehmo Nightmares!

One of our show producers, Bec, spotted a snake in Brunswick yesterday.

This snake was spotted in Brunswick yesterday😖🐍

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Jo & Lehmo found it very strange that a snake would be spotted in such a busy area! So we put it to Gold 104.3 listeners to tell us where they’ve spotted a snake. The calls we got will haunt you.

Kieran, Burnside
It was in the back-yard swimming around in our dog pool.

Shane, Essendon
I was jogging with my mates from Afton Street in Essendon… We were jogging along a path and this bloody snake, about 6-foot-long, goes under the path where we’re just about to run to.

Sharon, Cheltenham
Bourke Street… Probably going back about 15 years ago, there was this lady that parked her car and she was talking to the police saying “I swear I’m not drunk, I’m not high, a snake has gone under my car” and they’re like ‘yeah, yeah, yeah’. They jacked up the car and the snake had come out of the drain and wrapped around her wheel rim.

Listen to the full segment here:

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