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Lehmo Goes Behind The Scenes On Survivor

Lehmo was lucky enough to go over to Samoa to check out what goes on behind the cameras on Survivor!

Lehmo told us about what he saw when he got to go to Samoa, behind the scenes on the Australian Survivor set. He got to watch the challenges, and also watched the tribal council live with the crew of the show.
Lehmo told us a bit about how the show worked - he even got to do one of the challenges!!

Plus, don't miss the footage of Lehmo at tribal council below - take a look!

Enjoying a Samoan Happy Meal!! #samoa #coconutwater #junglenatural

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It seems things were a little more complicated than Lehmo expected them to be in Samoa...

However, even after all of that, it was time for Lehmo to face the tribal council...

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